Media Format

Below is an indexed listing of the recommended terms for describing computer game media formats. This page contains links to all terms in the vocabulary and describes basic methodology and usage requirements. For more information on vocabulary creation see this citation.
The media formats listed below are intended as a more granular description than can be provided by the common RDA carrier types. The intent of the vocabulary is to accurately describe the physical format containing game data that is intended for a specific platform. As with the computer game platform listing, the media formats are organized in a hierarchy, starting with a top-level concept of Computer Game Media Format, and grounding out into specific, localized terms for different geographic regions. The terms are chosen based on an assumption of ‘reasonable compatibility’. That is, every effort has been made so that an informed patron or researcher can make a reasonable assumption about the compatibility of a media format with a potential platform that can support its use. 
The media format vocabulary is simpler in structure than the platform vocabulary, and it only deals with physical media formats containing game data. As such, many formats on this list could also be used to store any type of software data, from office applications to film and audio. The terms here will map adequately for other software objects. For film and audio, we recommend using standard terminology and media format assignment from those fields.